2022 in Pisticci….preparing to travel…..

After nearly two and a half years when I rarely set foot outside Pisticci, I’m preparing to fly to Scotland. ( not until the first of June….but I like to be organised in advance.)

So far I have booked flights. Ryanair now flies direct from Bari to Edinburgh.

I’ve checked buses and trains to the airport and had decided I would stay overnight in Bari as it was just too complicated and stressful to find connecting buses and trains on the day.

However a kind friend has offered me a lift so that is so much easier.

(I am not good at finding strange hotels in which I am booked. )

I’ve ordered several rapid covid tests.

Today at the market I bought some new colourful masks so I don’t look so scary. ( and I have thought of a reply if anyone asks me why I am wearing a mask when I don’t have to in Scotland)

As I’m not taking any luggage, just a small casual rucksack which goes under the seat then I am working out how to wear 3 outfits on the plane. I think it can be done. Layers…..and lots of them.

I am hoping to arrive for the Scottish summer. It is supposed to be a Thursday in June. ( sorry!)

I still need to decide whether to take more than my phone and kindle. Last time I took watercolours and a pad and made Christmas paintings for everyone.

But in the meantime it was fun to go to the market which is now back in the original street.

When the sun shines most things are fun.

Looking down on the end of the market
Too many balconies to paint
I like this view
And this
Now time for coffee

This afternoon I finished the very complicated street scene.

Think it’s done.

And on with the next one…..

Not so complicated, but it does have a car …

I’m tired after a long day and very glad it’s wine time.


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