2022 in Pisticci….dreams, roses and rain….

With a bit of good company, happy news from home and some painting as well……

It felt like I spent most of last night dreaming that my house fell down and then I was trying to rescue what I could while hoping more of it didn’t fall on me. Sleeping in the attic is lovely most of the time, except when dreaming stuff like that….or the time that there was an earthquake ( quite far away) which caused my chandelier to swing back and forward. Very disconcerting.

Today it’s been grey and rainy with a little thunder .

It looks like this now.

However it’s still not cold enough to light the stove.

Am very pleased with my roses as they are all grown from bits of rose bush I broke off. Possibly part of the joy I feel is linked to them being beautiful and absolutely free.

Lots more to come.

I worked on my latest painting .

About 80% finished

And then caught up with my work diary. This is my third one since I begun last summer. When the evil printer deigns to work, (Slamming the paper tray seems to help. ) then it prints half decent images

Am glad to have a visual record of work done.

Now maybe the sun is coming back out……

Cheers 🍷🍷

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