2022 in Pisticci….Nice things and memories…..

The day begun with a knock at the door. A previous client had stopped by to look at paintings.

Having found a possibility they asked if I could make a door open rather than closed.

So I have. And I added some washing as a bonus. I like being able to do stuff like that.

After that it was time to finish yesterday’s work and have a go at representing complicated paving stones.

Did my best
I think it looks better with the open door.

In the meantime I was delivered a lovely lentil dish ( good) and then a rather large” to be signed for “rubbish bill for 2018. ( not so good, but could be worse.) I have paid 2019 and 2020 , but 2018 wasn’t available at the time. 🤔

After lunch it was time to start my next painting. It’s fun having a choice.

Nicely complicated.

This may take some time.

Now it’s wine time, but while I was flicking through Facebook memories I found these from about 10 years ago.

In the good old days at an antiques market at Taranto
Another market in Taranto
Me, being embarrassed trying to answer questions from children in Tursi.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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