2022 in Pisticci…a little earthquake and a storm…

I often look at a local website just to check what is happening locally. I live on the outskirts of town and lots of things happen that I know nothing about.

I started checking this website during lockdown and the worst of the pandemic as I was a little worried that something major would have happened ,but I wouldn’t  know.

So today it appears there was only one new case of the virus in Pisticci and a little earthquake south of Matera.

Other than that there is a storm warning. It should have already begun, but so far there is only some wind ……

Looking for a storm.

Obviously my dilemma is…Will I water the flowers and waste 3 watering cans full of water? If I water the flowers then the storm is sure to come. If I don’t  then applying ” sods law” it will pass us by.

Am going to try waiting patiently .

( It’s  definitely  getting windier.)

I finished yesterday’s  local scene and was well pleased with it.

I painted a close up
This is the whole house.

As I was expecting visitors I hoovered. Now that I found the hoover again and put it under my work table where it’s  easily accessible  I’m more motivated to use it.

It was lovely to talk art and Pisticci. I miss conversations about painting.

( wind is now very strong.)

I didn’t get around to trying out my travelling outfit and whether I can get everything I want in my little rucksack.

Made peanut butter instead. 

(Thought I heard thunder. )

Looks like rain coming across the valley.

Have shut the door now with the net curtain jammed in the middle. Another hunk of plaster has fallen off it. Even I know that doors shouldn’t be repaired with plaster,but some people just don’t listen.

One time the net curtain blew up and twisted itself around my Wifi dish. Had to borrow a bigger ladder and a neighbour to get it untangled.

Wine time now. (Will definitely try out clothes and packing tomorrow….maybe. )


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