2022 in Pisticci ….Nice way to spend a Saturday…

After being a bit off painting this week I seem to have got my enthusiasm back. Or at least I’m back to feeling that painting is a pleasant way to pass the the time.

It’s good feeling like that .

Today I drew my next 2 street scenes and then spent several happy hours painting flowers.

Work in progress.
Drew this today.
And this…

It’s been another lovely sunny day so I washed my anorak ( if that’s what it’s still called) because I am going to Scotland ….and the forecast is for rain.

As I’m not taking luggage as such I’ve wasted/ spent weeks working out exactly what I will put in my little “under the seat” rucksack.

Today I decided that a sponge bag was an unnecessary luxury and will just use one of the sealable plastic bags.

Tomorrow is the day I’ve decided to check if all my plans will work.

That gives me 2 days to change everything .

Am of course assuming that everything goes according to plan with flights etc.

Am looking forward to an episode of “Have I got news for you” now. ( on youtube) When I watched TV and even had Netflix life was different. But not better.

It’s pretty outside at this time of night.

Happy Weekend.



  1. Anne; I hope you have a good visit to Scotland. It sure has been a while! Your family will be so glad to see you! Also, I am going to give you my artist appraisal of something (which, as my mother always said, is an opinion that is worth what you paid for it!) I enjoy when you post your “in progress” pictures of your work. I had the almost-worthless benefit of getting my degree in painting, but I did learn a couple of things. My teachers used to drive us crazy saying “There is something exciting happening in this area!” or “I think you have something going on here and you should stop now while you are in the sweet spot!” I have noticed that often I really like what is happening in your unfinished paintings. They often have brush stroke qualities and more freedom of mark than your finished pieces…just sometimes. Anyway, other artists say that finding the place to stop is the hardest thing to do. I also think that with your degree of accomplishment you are at a place where maybe doing a much less-detailed drawing would benefit you. What say you? S

    • Thank you. I often like my ” half finished” paintings better than the final ones. I just hadn’t the nerve to stop there. I love doing digital paintings which are much looser and way more fun.

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