2022 in Pisticci/Perth….socialising and walking…..

And not taking any photos….

This is the best I could do. Birthday flowers in my bedroom

It has been a very busy day.

I was going to walk into town this  morning,  but it looked like rain was on the way and I couldn’t find an umbrella.  Everyone had gone to work, school or was asleep. So I walked down the hill and waited for a bus. It’s £2.10 to go into town. I can nearly go from pisticci to marconia (15km) and back for the equivalent in Euros.

There were 2 of us wearing masks on a fairly crowded  bus.

I was meeting another daughter who told me about a group of tourists all getting covid. I think they were on a tour. Am keeping my mask on, on buses and in shops. Today it was my pink mask.

We sat outside for coffee until it rained, when I bought an umbrella  in the pound shop. ( so that it would stop raining !) Which it did……

This morning was the first time I did an Italian  ” passegiatta” in Perth. We strolled around and chatted . It was very pleasant. There are a lot of empty shops and more cafes than I remember. And even more charity shops.

Didn’t take any photos as was too busy talking.

Back home again and Went out in my grand daughter’s car.( I can’t believe I am old enough to have a granddaughter who drives.)We wandered round a couple of big stores and then bought a ” meal deal” in a supermarket  to take home. We agreed that it was much nicer to sit on the sofa watching “Friends” and eating lunch than being in a restaurant. £4 for a vegetarian salad with loads of ingredients,  plus a green juice mixture and a bag of crisps seemed like a bargain.

It was the best salad I have ever eaten. ( bought it in Morrisons)

We spent the rest of the afternoon  laughing at “Friends”. It must be wonderful to have written these characters and stories which still make people laugh.

Now I’m lying on my bed writing this before I go out for a meal at another daughter’s house.

Today,  according to my new step counting watch I’ve completed 9500 steps. ( most of them quite slowly so I don’t know if it really matters. But it’s a nice big number and I’m easily impressed.

Better go and get ready to go out again now.


Current weather in Perth.

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