2022 in Pisticci/Perth….more life…less photos…

Mostly in Pisticci I’m by myself so I stop and take photos. Mostly in Perth I’m not by myself so it would feel rude to be stopping and taking photos.

And big supermarkets , though fascinating to someone who shops in a very small supermercato, are not particularly photogenic.

Today I felt much better and it was nice to go out.

I wanted to take a photo of myself, my daughter and granddaughter, but we were too busy doing stuff together.

I was going to call the image ” 3 generations of gorgeousness”.

Then, this afternoon we went shopping. I haven’t gone shopping where I do the encouraging and the other person does the buying for ages. That was fun.

But not photogenic.

After that we watched part of “Peter Pan”. It made me cry at the end. I think it must have been a new version. It was beautifully filmed.

Yesterday I improved an old watercolour sketch I did of the ” North Inch” in Perth.

At last ….a photo.

And now it’s wine time again.

Current weather in Perth.


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