2022 in Pisticci/Perth….3 generations

Today was mainly about my grand daughter going off on holiday with 5 other girls. It was the first time without adults. She has had lots of advice on what to do and not do . I expect she’ll have a lot of fun and then she has a prom to look forward to when she comes home. I’ve seen the dress and it looks amazing.

3 generations of gorgeousness.

When I left school ….nothing happened. It’s so different nowadays.

I found a letter from my English teacher in a box of old photos and letters. I had skipped the last day of school and so he must have decided to write. It was a really nice letter and I would have liked to thank him but I never saw him again.

This afternoon I spent with my son and his family. He’s a carpenter and his house is full of beautiful things he has designed and made. ( maternal pride.)

Now I’m back home and looking out the window at some typical ( it seems) scottish weather.

20 minutes ago

Plan is a night in watching TV on a large screen . My laptop might seem a little small when I get back home, but it’ll soon be normal again.


My little friend, Doug.

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