2022 in Pisticci..lots of little things..

I don’t know when little things became so important.

Maybe it was during lockdown , but I think it had started before that.

Today was full of lovely little things.

First of all Fluffy jumped over my cat board and strolled through my house in the direction of the cat food. She’s very skinny, but doesn’t eat all the food I put out. I like that she lets me stroke her.

Then the water was back on. It’s not an infrequent occurrence that the water is off for several hours. It’s good to have a friend who sends notifications as it might be on Facebook, but chances are I didn’t see it.

This morning I was determined to go for a walk to buy night lights. (It’s a bit dark in my gallery/ bedroom. )

While on this walk I found a new hardware shop and bought varnish, got directions for where to find gas and had a nice chat in the chinese shop about nightlights and Scotland.

On the way to the meetmarket.
There is a saint in the tree in the middle
On the way home.

Just up these steps I saw an old lady struggling to hang out her washing and offered to help.

Offering to help is not so easy when I’m concerned that I won’t be understood or understand. However it all went very well until I stood on dog ****. I don’t think she noticed as I headed off and scraped my sandal against the edge of the steps. Yuck!! Took me 15 minutes with cotton buds and disinfectant to make my sandal okay again.

To my surprise the street I was planning to go down was blocked off so I had to go the long way home.

Up the hill to the chiesa madre. It was getting hot .
I might paint this.

I was obliged to come home via the pink brick road.

Everything is looking brown now.

After I had cooled down I got to work. By 10am it’s better inside than out.

I was busy finishing this.

When there was a knock at the door and it was a neighbour with a friend asking to look at paintings.

I’m very happy to have anyone drop in and it’s nice that my neighbours bring people. ( another local scene sold😀)

I’ve started the next painting.

A little bit more complicated

And there were more little things.

The evil printer printed out my photos first time with no need for banging or swearing.

Back to keeping my work journal.

There is a nice breeze outside and when it’s dark I might sit on my doorstep in among my flowers and twinkly lights with a glass of wine.

Little things are great.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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