2022 in Pisticci..shopping plus.

It feels like all day I’ve been putting off going out.

Firstly I could have gone to the end of my street with my clippers and made a start on clearing the very long grass and weeds. It’s a fire risk.

And if I make it nice I could sit round there.

Then I could have gone for a walk as I was up early enough.

But I think I get a little stuck in my house. And then it’s too hot.

So I painted the floor. It looks clean and better ,but far from perfect. However I have very little paint left and have decided that it looks okay enough and at least I can cover any future marks. After that it will be on to plan B where I find a photo of a very old cracked terracotta floor and copy it.

Most of the rest of today I worked on my latest painting. I am 80% finished.

Finally I made myself go shopping .( I have been avoiding Fluffy as I ran out of cat food. )

Walking to the supermarket is obviously exercise. One plus .

The second unexpected plus was when I walked past the scene I’ve been painting.

It’s roughly the same view ,but with flowers.

This was my painting before I went out.

80% finished.

And now.

With added flowers.

I think it will be more commercial with flowers.

It feels good to have finally left the house.

In the supermarket it’s not mandatory to wear a mask.

There are double the amount of positive cases of covid than before I left and 11 in Pisticci. I am keeping my mask on in shops.

It looks like I might have a fun new commission coming.

But for now it’s wine time and I did okay.


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