2022 in Pisticci..getting organised…

Firstly for summer heat.

This morning I walked to the hardware shop about 9am. I tried to stay mostly in the shadow side of the street.

Keeping in the shade seems to mean a lot of steps
Nicer view of same steps
Next set of steps

I’ve never bothered to find out when the shop actually opens assuming that it would be around 9am. Doh!!!!

It’s 7.30am.

I could have walked there and back while it was still relatively cool. I wouldn’t have needed to walk past so many people carrying 3m long pieces of wood and feeling a bit foolish. ( I’ve tried telling myself that I look strong and independent,  but I dont think I’m very convincing.)

And I wouldn’t have been so hot and tired when I got home.

12mtrs of wood for stretchers.

I’ve got a fan in each room of my house. 2 big ones and 2 small portable ones. As this is as hot as it should ever be then that works. I’ve now resigned myself to having a fan on all night.

I’m lucky that half of my house is build into the hillside and therefore underground at the back. And one side of it has 2 apartments above.

Apart from that it would probably help if I became more Italian in my lifestyle and worked early morning and evenings, then slept most of the afternoon. Not that everyone does that, but in general.

Even after all this time I haven’t managed to change.

Today after buying the wood for stretchers I’ve been making small colour sketches for my next commission.

Tomorrow I might make the canvases.

Now I might go and see if it’s cooler outside. ( It wasn’t half an hour ago.)

And it’s wine time…..cheers🍷🍷

Still hotter outside. (6pm)

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