2022 in Pisticci . A satisfactory day..

After a fairly sleepless night I wondered how I’d survive a day when the temperature was supposed to be up to 41C.

Part of the sleeplessness was as usual caused by worrying about things I put off doing.

It was lovely to start the day sitting outside with a coffee and enjoying being cool and listening to the birds , followed by a cockerel and then the bin lorry. (.must’ve been “glass ” day)

Fluffy joined me.

I had decided in the middle of the night that I would deal with the things I was putting off.

So I checked my Internet app and discovered that what I’d thought was a problem, wasn’t.

Next I messaged someone and arranged to meet ,as what I wanted to say was too complicated to put in a text. That went well. No real problem there either.

After that I couldn’t put of cutting the stretchers from the thickest wood I have bought so far. Next time I won’t guess what size I need. Probably I could have taken it back and swapped it ,but that would mean carrying it uphill and over to the other side of town.

It was hard work sawing, but I made 2 sets of stretchers with much puffing, huffing and not a little sweating!

Very satisfactory
Ready for canvas tomorrow.

In the meantime I was contacted by 2 different people about visiting my little gallery.

Sold another 3 local scenes and have another possible commission.

Nearly forgot. Needing a complete change of clothing after sawing all the wood , I found a thing I bought for €2 at the Market and after cutting half the legs off I have a really cool painting outfit.

Comfy and cool

Today I haven’t felt nearly as hot. The fan isn’t on even though it’s 30C in here. Strange, but nice.

Maybe yesterday I was hot and bothered.

It was good to sell my painting of a door with a net curtain and flowers. That was one I did just because I liked it. This time someone bought it because they liked it too, and not because it belonged to a relation. That’s very encouraging.

There are still some other things I’ve been putting off ,but at least am making some progress.

Wine time now. Cheers 🍷🍷

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