2022 in Pisticci/Perth….

First day in Perth and I spent some time this morning organising what to do over the next few days.

Today I’ve hardly felt sick at all. I wonder if it’s all been down to stress.

My daughter is doing a course on personal training and has had some interesting insights , including the necessity of salt.

Who knows! I’m just glad to feel better.

I went off into town and thought that I really ought to see if I couldn’t take some prettier photos here. It’s very green and it was a nice morning.

On the way to the bus stop
I used to live in this street
The river Tay is just out of sight.

I was on a mission to check out Birthday cakes in M&S.


After finally managing to turn on the TV which is like the size of a cinema screen compared to my laptop, I found the first series of Borgen.

Doug , the dog, cuddled in beside me on the sofa and we passed a pleasant couple of hours.

I’m not impressed by the choice of TV programmes in general . Only having Youtube is not really so bad at all.

And now it’s wine time.


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