2022 in Pisticci/Perth….digital painting is like therapy…….

For me, maybe any kind of painting is therapeutic,  but painting on my tablet is the most fun.

Today I was a bit tired and my foot hurt. So I sat down at the table , moved some birthday cards from the window ledge and painted the view.

Sam’s car

It took about an hour. There was no messing about with water, brushes, canvas etc, just a stylus and my PAINTART app.

It’s very simple as I wanted it to feel like painting and not get too clever or complicated.

I was very pleased with myself when I’d finished.

Later on I went shopping with my daughter and grand daughter. It was interesting . Our tastes are fairly similar in some instances.

And I bought a book. I usually only read stuff on my Kindle as I’ve got used to the back-light and big writing, but I saw this one in a charity shop and thought that I would enjoy it.

I loved the no.1 ladies detective agency.

Am looking forwards to reading this.

It’s been quite decent weather today. Not much rain.

As a nod to politics I found this on facebook and it made me laugh.

Tonight is to be ” strictly come dancing” and carry out evening.

Beginning with wine time.


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