2022 in Pisticci/Perth….nearly forgot to write this…..

I think I’ve now been writing this for more than 880 days in a row. It would have been a pity if I’d forgotten.

Have come through to the kitchen where my fit daughter, making herself a cup of tea casually mentioned how much she had lifted at her weightlifting class. It was the equivalent weight of two people.

She’s training to be a personal trainer and I am getting some free advice. I thought that I might add some strength training to my 3 minutes of daily yoga. We’ll see….

This is the view out of the window right now.

Today I mostly sat around and watched useful TV where people made things out of things which other people threw out.

I finished my latest book on my kindle which I could only read during daylight as it was too scary.

I tried to watch a programme about Manet , but fell asleep.

Went out for wine and maltesers with another daughter.

Nice view of the hills if you slouch on the sofa.

And finally I’ve booked a taxi to pick me up at 4am on Wednesday morning to take me to the airport.

There are so many people I haven’t seen this time, but should be back at the end of next month hopefully without feeling sick or having a sore foot.

And maybe considerably stronger if I follow Katy’s advice.

Wine time has been and gone tonight.

Cheers, belatedly. 🍷🍷

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