2022 in Pisticci….mist, rain and more experimenting with light..

It started out quite dull this morning but I had breakfast and coffee on my doorstep anyways, because I know those few minutes sitting outside make a difference to my day.

Then it started to rain . Although my solar lights are obviously waterproof I brought them inside and sat them the window ledge. I’m sure I read somewhere that they would still charge through glass.

Worth a try.

As an experiment it can’t be very conclusive as maybe the lights were still charged up from yesterday.

Today I’d planned to draw a lot. I managed to finish 5 sketches ready to paint. Only 10 to go.

It’s a pleasant way to pass the time accompanied by yet another Marion Chesney audiobook.

Pleased with these.

Unfortunately I’ve run out of hairspray which I use to set the pencil drawing so it doesn’t mix with the paint.

Might mean another hop to the supermarket tomorrow.

It’s a bit dark in here tonight.

Looks cosy, but am wearing an extra layer.

Outside it is ” dreich” . That is a Scottish word meaning dismal.

At least there is free water for the flowers.

Tomorrow is supposed to be much the same. Good drawing weather.

Wine and candles now.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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