2022 in Pisticci….morelight, accidental vaccine and 15 drawings…..

As I am still experimenting with light ,today I didn’t get up until it was daylight outside. ( being self employed I can do this. )

It was light at 7am. I am also being guided by my solar lights as they turn off when it’s light enough…..not sure if my definition of light enough is the same. It’s interesting. (….and I am more or less playing at this.) I’ve already cut my electricity usage as far as possible. Light was the only thing left.

But, discounting the price of the lamps, it is a good feeling to be making use of a free resource.

After walking to the pizzeria last night, my foot was sore this morning so I thought I’d go shopping and then stay home for a few days. ( I was very pleased with my “new” jeans.)

Was a really fun evening. Lots of friends and good pizza.
Busy in the piazza.

On the way back from the supermarket I saw a friend waiting outside the doctors surgery. We got talking and she said she was going to get her flu vaccine and despite the frozen veg. in my bag I was persuaded to join her. ( we were first in the queue.) And that’s how I got my flu vaccine.

I had been home for about an hour and finished drawing this.

For the series of 50 plus.

My phone rang , and it was the courier wondering if I could collect a parcel in the piazza.

I discounted telling him I had a sore foot and he would need to deliver it nearer my house as I’m not good at directions , especially in Italian.

So I hobbled off and collected more aspirins , which I’ve forgotten to take again.

My 14 canvas boards ( called stretched canvases??!!!) arrived with the postman after lunch and I’ve now very roughly drawn 14 small local scenes. The last few were more roughly drawn than the first few.

At least they are all started.

Now I’m reasonably tired. But not as relaxed as Fluffy, who is asleep upstairs .


It looks like it might rain tonight.

Weather forecast is dull for next 2 days.

Wine time now.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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