2022 in Pisticci….4 pairs of jeans and 14 drawings…..

It seems like a very satisfactory  week.

I didn’t really need 4 pairs of jeans.  In fact I was actually looking for big thick jumpers.

But now that I have them………..

Altogether they cost less than a pizza at the pizzeria, less than 5litres of wine, and much less than one bag of pellets for the stove.

I’m wearing the pair I thought were the least nice ,today, and they’re actually not that bad at all.

New clothes are cheering.

As for the thick jumpers, I’ll make do or adjust the ones I have.

The downside to this week was getting a cold sore. I haven’t had one in ages. This one feels as if it’s the size of a plate. Anyone who gets cold sores will know what I mean. However as I am resting my foot and staying home, and am pretty good with concealer ( had enough practice.) then having visitors here tonight combined with my less than powerful solar lights and a few candles should preserve my vanity.

I finished the last 4 drawings of my series of 14 which I hope to take to the Christmas Market.

I have to paint them now.

I quite like most of them. There are a few the same as my bigger ones, but most of them are new scenes.

I was going to sit outside and write this tonight, but the light is better for seeing my screen inside.

I tried. It’s been a lovely day.

Now I think I’ll have a glass of wine and watch this week’s episode of ” Have I got news for you”.


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