2022 in Pisticci…..I think I like Sundays ……

For a long time after James died Sundays were the longest most boring days of the week.

Even when we weren’t together or had fallen out there was always a possible truce on Sundays. Quite often we’d message each other at the same time suggesting a walk on the beach and then lunch at the ” Esso”.

So, it’s taken a while to reinvent Sundays.

Today began with my Sunday email which I enjoy writing and starts the day satisfactorily.

Followed by my weekend breakfast ,( outside,) of ” facon ” and eggs.

It was such a beautiful morning and I was in no rush so I fetched my tablet and drew the view.

Enjoyed this .

It was a little tricky due to reflections and I added some finishing touches inside.

After that I put a yellow wash over my 14 smaller local scenes.

That didn’t take very long and about then Fluffy decided to join me.

She is getting very friendly.

The sun shone all this time.

I made my usual lunch of chickpeas , vegetables, etc and now I have enough for the next 4 days.

At this point I thought that I’d watch an episode of ” Landscape Artist of the Year”. This turned into a feast of arty TV as I found 2 new episodes of ” Portrait Artist of the Year” and watched them both. I like the landscape series, but I love the portrait series. It is so very fascinating to watch artists try to get a likeness while also making an interesting painting. I’ve watched lots of tutorials on portrait painting, but none I’ve enjoyed as much as watching an episode of this.

After adding a layer of acrylic medium to the 14 paintings I was done with work for today.

Making my work diary isn’t work.

Am a bit impressed by the amount of work I did this week.

Round about this time I got a message about a possible client coming round.

That required a quick brush, dust and polish.

And now I have another 2 small commissions.

I can hear the church bells ringing in the distance now.

It’s been a lovely day.


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