2022 in Pisticci…” my solar lights along with the candles are cosy” ….

I already thought that, but it was nice to have it confirmed by a friend.

I’ve had a lovely couple of hours catching up and drinking wine.

Nice cosy atmosphere.

After my day off / rebooting, yesterday I felt much better today.

About 10 hours sleep probably helped.

I wouldn’t say that I actually zoomed ahead with my painting today, but I could definitely finish it tomorrow.

Latest commission.

I very nearly did some exercise and compromised by looking up some suitable yoga positions and some elastic band ones too. I printed out 6 photos of each and plan to pick 3 of each to do every week day. It seems like a good plan. Maybe. ….

And after reading another scary article about pellets being €25 in the north of Italy , apart from the fake ones I made a plan.

I decided to buy a heated throw and therefore heat myself rather than my room. I’ve got about 20 bags of pellets . Gas is still affordable here and I’ve 2 full bombolas and I can get more delivered .

I reserve the right to change everything at a moments notice , but for now I feel organised. ( which is easy to say when it’s 25C inside tonight and I’ve only just closed the door which has been open all day. )

Now I need food….and some more wine.


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