2022 in Pisticci ……day off……

After another disturbed night I decided to take the day off.

Sometimes I just need to switch off like a computer and then start again.

So tomorrow I plan to work all day on the big panel and get it nearly done.

Meanwhile today was not a dead loss.

I put one image on redbubble.

I had planned to put something on every day ….that’s not going so well.

Then I looked at my hair and decided to dye it and cut it quite a lot shorter.

I think it looks okay. ( more or less)

Then I had an idea to help with keeping warm in winter.

I think I could hang some thick net curtains from the ceiling and make my attic bedroom into a nice cosy room. That’ll be a weekend job.

I made 4 days lunches and another jar of homemade peanut butter.

In between I read a lot and watched YouTube videos on keeping warm.

It is still amazingly warm for this time of year. 27C today I think.

It’s 24C inside.

Hope I feel energetic and ” rebooted ” tomorrow.

Now I need to find a new detective series on YouTube.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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