2022 in Pisticci….Peanuts aren’t actually nuts…..

I am sort of shocked. How could I not know that! Google it. They are legumes.

I’m not long back from eating and drinking with friends where I found out about the peanuts.

It was nice to sit outside for a while and enjoy the view over the valley as well as a procession of cats before we retreated inside . This has been the most amazing autumn weather.

Just before I left to go out my new watch arrived. It’s a smart one and it remains to be seen if I am smart enough to make it work. So far I have changed the wriststrap and made a nice picture of flowers appear on the screen.

Oh , and I used it to take a photo of myself .

Slightly surprised expression…..but feeling a little smart.

Today I signed up to Shutterstock where I hope to download photos which people might buy. First step …

Most of tge time I worked on the painting with the tiny people. It’s more or less done now. Just the edges to paint.

It has been another beautiful day.

And beautiful evening.
Pisticci is pretty in the dark .

Now I think I might look for something to watch on YouTube.

And maybe have another very small glass of wine.


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