2022 in Pisticci….oops, just learning…..

Today I put 5 new images on FineArtAmerica. And then they all appeared on my twitter feed.

I’m a bit embarrassed as I’m not comfortable advertising myself. ( writing a blog is different.)

I wouldn’t have minded one image appearing ,but all of them … ………….

Maybe it’s because when growing up ,showing off was the worst sin.

My attitude probably doesn’t help with sales.

However I’m pleased with myself for putting 5 images on ……and then going back over them all and changing the titles from ” mrs” to something more relevant. Next time I plan to take more time and rearrange some images so that they fit better. But today was about actually getting started.

I like this.
Is nice to see how my paintings look framed. ( these are framed prints)

Now that I finally learned how to do screenshots with my phone I got these 3. I don’t know how to download them …..yet!

Other than that I have mostly painted little tiny people today and a few windows and doors.

Now I’m sitting in the “solar dark” .

It feels as good as it looks.

This week I have 3 social events planned. For me that’s a social whirl!! Once a week is more normal , or less.

I remembered to do exercises with the elastic bands today. It would be nice to feel strong.

Now I need to go and get ready to go out. Its been a holiday here today. ( and the sun shone again.)

May have a glass of wine first.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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