2022 in Pisticci…waiting for rain……

All day it’s been grey and sometimes windy, but no rain so far.

I needed to use my bright light for painting as it was too dark inside to see well.

I’m still not quite finished.

Needs a few finishing touches.

It’s a little strange doing a painting from a previous painting , but using the original photo as reference.

Tomorrow I want to finish it ,check the other one with the tiny people and then declare them finished and message the client. It’s not been one of my speedier weeks.

Fluffy has been very fussy today. I’ve run out of cat food and opened a tin of tuna, which I thought would be a great treat. Nope!

Fluffy making herself at home.

As my foot is still sore I could hobble to the supermarket , but I don’t feel like it. I googled home made cat food. Don’t think I can afford some of the recipes, but porridge and vongole might work. I hunted through my cupboard to see what was available. There are also some tins of the Italian equivalent of spam which I’m considering. I have 2 hard boiled eggs……..

Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain all day. Thereafter the temperature could drop 10 degrees. But the sun should be back on Monday .

It’s still not cold inside.

I haven’t quite completed all the things I planned for this week so I should be busy tomorrow as the rain falls outside.

Looks cosy tonight.

It looks like someone has downloaded another series of Shetland on to YouTube. Hurray!! Am getting a bit fed up of cheap van life videos….though they are sometimes useful .

So wine and “Shetland ” now.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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