2022 in Pisticci….finished…..

I’ve just messaged the clients who ordered the 3 paintings I finished this week.

I always worry that they won’t like what I’ve done and so put off contacting them.

It’s done.

Now ,the weather has not been as was forecast. It was supposed to rain all day, but it hasn’t and it was so reasonably dry that I even managed a hobble to the supermarket. Actually it wasn’t that bad. My foot wasn’t hardly sore at all.

I had run out of cat food and Fluffy kept trying to get in . I doubt she realises how lucky she is.

Making herself comfortable on my chair.

My solar lights didn’t work all last night due to the dullness yesterday. I don’t know how long they’ll carry on tonight.

I like having candles as well. Candles are friendly.

My new wooden coasters are much nicer.

I didn’t know, but apparently I shouldn’t turn my heating on until the 8th of November and should not use it for more than 11 hours daily. Then it should be switched off again at the beginning of April. I think we’ve been told to keep the temperature at 19C.

This morning it was cold and damp and I looked out of the window and saw this….

Very large tumbleweed.

It’s been nice watching the blue sky come back. Even though it’s dark now.

There have been some lovely cloud formations.

Now Fluffy is off exploring or whatever she does when she isn’t dropping in on me.

And it’s Saturday wine time.


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