2022 in Pisticci….getting colder…

Tonight I’ve got hotdoggio on my knee and am wrapped in a warm wool wrap which I’ve always liked but rarely worn.

I could have plugged in my electric shawl , but for some reason , not even known to myself, using two heating devices at once seems wrong.

I tried out the shawl this morning. (it’s a cheap version as I wasn’t sure it would be useful)

But it has a button so that it stays on. This is very sensible.

At lunch time I congratulated myself on how well it had worked as I sat at my table and painted.

Then I realised that I hadn’t actually turned it on.

That made me laugh more than anything else today.

New painting set up with shawl.

It was dry , but there was a cold wind this morning. It’s possible to sit on the doorstep as it’s sheltered. I appreciate being outside and enjoy being among my flowers.

This cat wanted to eat my breakfast and had already jumped up on my knee to see what was available.

After lunch I went for a walk to the supermarket. And my foot wasn’t sore . Hurray!!

Took some photos.

On way to supermarket. Quite a grey day.
I love all the angles in this scene
Nearly home. This street sometimes gets used for concerts or films .

I’ve been painting the 2nd of 14 small local scenes.

Needs quite a lot more work.

I was scared in the middle of the night again thanks to the monstery thing I’ve been painting. I’ve varnished it now and plan to put it in a bag so I can’t see it. That might help……….

It’s dark now. I think there is a new episode of Have I Got News for You on youtube. (And I have crisps because it’s the weekend. )

Wine time now. Cheers 🍷🍷

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