2022 in Pisticci….completed this week’s  work.

Except I always think that I could have done more.

However I have more or less completed the portrait with a couple . There is no background as yet , but I don’t know whether to just paint a colour or try and adapt the actual background in the photo.

The 2 lampshades are more or less finished except for some varnishing. The one with the scary monster caused me to keep the light on all last night. Ridiculous!

It seems to be windy outside tonight .

An hour ago.

I haven’t any particular plans for the weekend.

A friend left me a lot of little frames so I might see if I can find some paintings to fit.

So far all these paintings are too big or too small…..but I have more.

I should probably buy more wine. ( but not paracetamols…..thanks Royane.)

I have a form to fill in which I have been avoiding looking at.

It would be good to do some kind of digital painting to put on Redbubble.

What I would really like to do at the weekend is …..I don’t know…..

Be nice to go here ……
Or here…..
Or here
Or here…..

Anyways I am nice and cosy with hotdoggio and it’s wine time.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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