2022 in Pisticci…going out……

Sometimes, quite often in fact, I get a bit hermitty and find lots of reasons for staying home.

But today I needed to go to the farmacia.

What a lovely time I had. I lost count of the people I  met and I also delivered the lampshades on the way.

Going in the farmacia is always a pleasure and I also went to the butcher who sells the nice wine.

The clock tower in piazza San rocco
I  just love this
The church and the water tower
Brilliant plants
Lovely old door

I can remember when I lived in a bigger city that I could go out and never speak to any one. The shops were bigger so you didn’t get to know the people who worked there.  I bought the ” Big Issue’ for years because the guy selling it always smiled and said ,”Hello”.

It was a good start to the day when I googled more info about the form I’m trying to fill in. I read an interesting  article about someone who did it. And I now have a copy of it printed out. It doesn’t look as complicated as I thought it would be and I can see where I got muddled.

Most of the rest of the day I painted and am now finished yesterday’s  and half way through the next one.

4th version.
I quite like how this looks but it’s got a beautiful  big plant yet to paint.

And I finally got a photo of Fluffy looking in the window.

I’d like to make my painting set up a bit prettier. Also the chair isn’t quite high enough. But my new electric heating shawl is perfect.

Now it’s dark and my solar lights have turned themselves on.

Wine time I think.


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