2022 in Pisticci…. more painting and rain……

And testing out my heavy Norwegian jacket.

It failed on the basis of being so heavy that it was making my arm tired just lifting a glass of wine. ( it was very warm….but no use if I can’t move.)

I bought it several years ago at the €2 stall at the market when I was feeling cold.

Am obviously still playing at preparing for winter.

It’s now about 18C inside. Today it was raining which meant it was also dark even at the window.

No messing about with solar lights when I’m painting.

The good thing about my electric heated shawl( hanging on my chair in the photo) is that it doesn’t restrict the movement of my arms. ( It is plugged into a phone charger thingy so I can’t get up and run about but……)

Accompanied by another Marion Chesney audiobook I painted cosily most of the day beside the window. Normally I wouldn’t need extra light until about 4pm.

This is finished
Still working on this.

I have another lampshade to paint at the weekend, but I might be able to get another two of these small local scenes done before then.

I made some slight progress with the complicated form. Though one part doesn’t make sense.

Now it’s dark, the candles are lit, churchbells are ringing, and I get to use the cute little tap on my box of wine.


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