2022 in Pisticci…packing and painting….

But first I filled out the dreaded form online, printed it out, (it worked the 2nd time) and now I will take it to Scotland and post it there. Even with a postal strike it should arrive sooner than if I posted it here.

It is to be hoped that I filled it in correctly as despite , I think, being of reasonable intelligence some of the questions didn’t make sense.

But , the process is started.

After that the rest of the day was pretty easy.

Cold and windy outside, but as it was hair dyeing day I put the gas heater on again.

I’m not wearing a hat right now and feeling a bit guilty. Should I be trying harder…….

Today wasn’t normal though as I had to get ready to leave tomorrow morning.

Having already printed out boarding passes, train and bus tickets and checked my ID stuff is in beside my passport then mostly I packed tablet, kindle and assorted chargers, minimum make-up, vitamin pills, 3 masks , travel sick patches and my purse and that was me done.

I put in a packet of Pocket Coffees for Katy. I’m pretty sure you can’t get them in Scotland.

After that I wondered what to do so I found the next painting and started it.

Still a work in progress.

Now I’m sitting next to the gas fire in the candlelight with the blues playing on youtube and a glass of wine nearby.

All being well tomorrow at this time I should be on my way from Milan to Edinburgh.



I found this photo on facebook memories today and it made me smile.

Was busy making prints and keeping warm with a fake fire.

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