2022 in Pisticci….painting and keeping warm…

Finally gave in and turned the gas heater on tonight as I had as many clothes on as I could plus woollen cape , hat and hotdoggio on my knee and I was still cold and feeling a bit miserable. Felt a bit silly as I can afford to use the gas heater. I had just got it into my head that somehow I would be showing some kind of solidarity with people in Ukraine who have no heating when it’s really cold there. Or people in the UK who are frightened to turn on electric heating because they don’t know how much they will be paying.

There is no particular reason for me to be cold this winter except pigheadedness.

I’m beginning to warm up now as I’ve put the portable gas heater near me. ( one of its advantages. )

I try not to get political, but any government or countries who let people freeze are ……..Best not go there.

Happy sigh, now as I warm up.

Bliss !!

Most of today I painted.

I took time out to check that I have all my boarding passes etc all printed out and ready . Am planning to ” pack ” tomorrow. As I am doing the ” no luggage ” option again that is not a big deal.

And I decided that I would start using INSTAGRAM more incase Twitter disappeared. I’ll see what happens with Mastodon, but I understand Instagram.

Today I finished one painting and more or less completed another one.

One of my favourite scenes

I was surprised to get on so quickly with this.

Another favourite scene.

Tomorrow it’s to be dull and wet . A good day for getting ready to travel. I’m taking a different route this time. Flying from Bari to Milan and then on to Edinburgh. On the way back I’ve a direct flight from Edinburgh to Rome and then a 6 hour train journey. Costs about £120 altogether. ( and accommodation is free at ” Casa Katy ‘s” where I have enough clothes for more than a week , plus a ” goody bag of sweets”. )

Wine time now.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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