2023 in Pisticci….wet, weary and well done……..

Walking home tonight I didn’t take any photos as I was concentrating on getting home before all the steps turned into waterfalls. As it was I still got soaked and now all my clothes and shoes are spread about over the table and chair and top of the gas heater.

My little rucksack is soaked too.

I was pleased to find my ” granny” trousers in the drawer. ( I’m always going to throw them out , but never do.) They are comfy and warm and only a little too short in the legs.


The mural painting went well tonight.

I was all prepared to batter on ( artistic expression) using a sponge (like Muraljoe demonstrated) ,but in fact my most expensive, sadly ruined brush was much more useful. The fact that it’s ruined is what makes it useful. Using a sponge to create foliage just wasn’t very satisfactory

However I painted a little red bridge and a waterfall, a rather splendid orange tree, a purpley tree …just to see if I could, fixed yesterday’s pink tree, and have pretty much reached the other side of the mural.

Tomorrow my plan is to paint the bottom of the painting to match the tiles on the floor. That should be a nice sitting down job.

Now it’s wine time. And Friday.


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