2023 in Pisticci….my 1000th post…..

…..since Italy went into lockdown because of covid, and I thought I might find being by myself and stuck in my house a little difficult. Therefore if I sat down every day about the same time and just chatted away as if there was a friend sitting in the other chair, it might help to keep me cheerful.

I thought lockdown  might last about 2 weeks.

Another way I amused myself during lockdown……painting flowers on my walls.

I’ve almost always enjoyed writing it. I’m happy because people read it and I’ve met some lovely people because of it.

And it still makes me feel good to tell someone how my day went.

Today wasn’t a normal day as I’ve not felt well. Sore throat and feverish.  So I’m not out working on the mural , but sitting feeling a bit sorry for myself.

It’s been grey and miserable outside and cold inside. Going to bed with the electric blanket on has been the best bit of the day.

It looks like it’s going to rain off and on and get colder in the next week.

I did some washing and it’s hanging in the shower instead of blowing in the wind at the end of the street. It will likely take several days to dry.

I hope I feel better soon as I would like to get the mural finished before my trip to Scotland to enjoy Katy’s central heating …..and see the family of course…..

Thanks to Facebook memories I know that 5 years ago today I was staying in a monastery in Fontanellato and painting watercolours of the village in the mornings and visiting James in hospital in the afternoons. How life has changed.

Beautiful little village.

I think photos are an important part of my posts so I’ve braved the cold and damp and stood outside briefly to take this photo of right now in Pisticci.


I don’t feel too ill to drink wine. In fact I’m sure it will help.

Thanks to all the people who’ve ” been in the other chair”, while I chatted away about my days.

Cheers 🍷🍷

And congratulations to me on reaching 1000 consecutive days…..


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