2023 in Pisticci……just chilling…..

Though not literally. My house is cold, but I’m warm. My gas ” bombola” lasted two and a half weeks. It was only ever on at minimum and was on most of the time I was home. I pay €35 a time and have it delivered. ( there are cheaper options if you have a car .)

My electric hot water bottle is on my lap as I write.

Last year I had so many bags of pellets that I kept my pellet stove on most of the day. I never had to wear a coat or hat inside.

That , very enjoyable though it was, feels a bit of a luxury. All that heated space that I wasn’t in.

This year due to various circumstances, not lack of money, I don’t know how I’ve felt. I can keep myself warm….though it is an effort some days. Maybe I’m just mean….I could use more gas and not wear a hat indoors. Or I could make an effort to get my pellet stove fixed.

Maybe thinking about all the people in different countries who either have no heating or can’t afford it has influenced me.

It doesn’t stop me looking forward to 2 weeks of central heating in Scotland.

What a strange winter it’s been.

Today I mostly read or watched episodes of ” ugly house to beautiful house” on youtube.

I popped out to the supermarket and was stopped on the way by someone who talked about a person wanting to interview me about living in Pisticci . ( at least I think that was what he said.) On the way home I heard the singing lady from 2 streets away. She always makes me smile.

I resolutely refused to Google swan’s heads as that is work .

It got so sunny outside I thought I should see if I could take some photos.

Got nice cat photos.

Fluffy and friends on the garage roof
Heading hopefully for my door.
Waiting patiently.

There wasn’t much of a sunset…..or I missed it.

Little bit of sunset

Now it’s dark , my candles are lit and as a relaxing day it has been a success.

Wine time and Nickipositano now.


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