2023 in Pisticci….swans, roses and olive oil……..

I nearly forgot the swans. They will be the last particular items to paint on the mural. So far, I’ve roughly copied them from a painting I found on Pinterest, but I’ll need to get a photo of real swans to finish them. They are too big to blur.

That has been the biggest challenge in painting this mural as in a small painting two or three brushstrokes might be enough , but not when they are much bigger.

It’s been the same with leaves . But after watching another video on youtube this morning my rose leaves are very respectable  and were still quite quickly done.

Today I am most proud of my roses. They look real from the other side of the sofa . I’ve given them all shadows which helps.

My plan is to finish the mural on Monday night and thereafter I have permission  to post some photos on my blog.

It was strange to work in the morning, but very pleasant to walk up the hill without rain or wind.

Beautiful  light over the sea
Snow on the mountains.

Unless there is something I’ve missed I should be able to finish everything and sort out any problems in the last 3 hours.

I walked home by the back streets as I was wearing a green hat, a purple striped jacket with sparkly bits and camouflage  trousers. It wasn’t so much an eclectic outfit as much as “warm and can’t be bothered”. I like my clothes to at least match in some respect when appearing in public.

Not picturesque , but I painted this because I liked it and someone actually bought it.
I like all the shapes in this. Have painted the lovely green door.
Painted this scene as well.

On the way home I was carrying a bottle of local olive oil, which was a gift. I will treat it with the respect it deserves.

Liquid gold.

Now I have until Monday night to relax and then should be leaving for Scotland on Wednesday morning.

Have found the latest episode of Graham Norton on youtube. Nice Saturday evening entertainment.

Wine time now.


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