2023 in Pisticci…an unknown bill?

Or it might be a letter from the pensions department in the UK or my new red sandals or a tax bill, or my book arrived early. All I have is a vague document stuck in my letter box saying something is at the post office. It also says that it couldn’t be delivered yesterday…..when I was at home, so that’s not right. I was there. A delivery person was not.

I will need to go to the post office where there will no doubt be a very long queue. And as it is only open in the morning then it might be Tuesday before I can go. I think it says on the letter thatI have until the 30th to collect the ” something ” but as it also said that it couldn’t be delivered that may ot may not be true.

Other than worrying about what awaits me at the post office, and then deciding it might be something nice…..red sandals? ……..

I’ve mainly painted an imaginary magnolia tree branch. It was mostly quite good fun though I had my coat on the whole time as despite blue skies it was cold.

Waiting in the piazza . There was a very cold wind. Lots of work going on at the church.
I love using lots of colours. There are about 6 colours in this branch.

Magnolia flowers are not easy to paint. I will be trying to paint them as if they were opening towards me. I’ve printed out photos of the two paintings I did on black canvas and plan to paint a selection of these flowers . I tried to paint one today using the image on my phone. It wasn’t easy to hold the phone, paint tray and brush at the same time.

I must have been tired after this morning as I fell asleep for more than an hour this afternoon.

6pm in the valley

Wine time now.


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