2023 in Pisticci….an unexpected day off..

It was a bit too cold and windy today to paint outside. So I’ve had a holiday.

I’ve been practising painting more magnolias and I’ve printed out several drawings so that I can use them as reference. Theoretically I would like to paint every magnolia blossom differently.

Had another practice on a second black canvas. Maybe someone will buy both of them as a set.

It is good fun painting on a black surface.

Next week I have a seascape and and a landscape as well as a double portrait to work on.

It was nice to have time to go to the supermarket first thing this morning.

Near the supermarket.

It’s still very cold and windy outside.

Just popped out to take this photo. Brrrrrr!!!!!

Should be back to work tomorrow. I have a magnolia branch to paint .

But for now it’s wine time.


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