2023 in Pisticci….another Sunday….

It’s Mother’s  Day in Scotland today and Father’s  day in Pisticci. 

It was also washing day in Via Custoza.

Not very cheerful colours on the washing line…..all the brightest colours are on the walls, on the floors, on the chairs in my house. Not so much on me.

It was a friend’s birthday today and I was invited for an aperitivo in town. Being sociable on a Sunday is a treat. Usually I stay home on Sundays as  it’s a family day. It was fun. The sun shining from a lovely blue sky helped.

On the way…..
On the way back
I painted this…..and sold it.
I love the shapes in this photo
Almost abstract…..

I think I’m working up to another series of paintings of Pisticci.

My picture book is supposed to arrive tomorrow. If it looks good it would be motivation to start another series of paintings.

It’s been a very pleasant day. I’ve enjoyed having a break from muraling .

Wine time now.


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