2023 in Pisticci….waited all day…….

And no one came …….

I suspected that would happen.

So where is my picture book? Could it be in the post office? Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to check that out.

It was a very good day for working.

I started at 8am and by 12am I’d finished two small sketches , based on paintings from the past mixed up and reorganised. It took about 2 hours to find the best reference photos . I hope my measurements are more or less okay. Next , I need to buy wood for the stretchers. I have 2 long strips of wood ,but they’re 10cm too short.

That was very satisfying. ( apart from the wood!)

Next I roughly sketched, in pencil , my next portrait.

I was just a bit fed up by then.

However I need to paint two white butterflies on my magnolia branch mural so I thought that I might as well pass the time and use another black canvas .

It is good fun painting on a black background

So now it’s wine time and I’ve done well today.


Gloomy outside……..

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