2023 in Pisticci….mixed up……

It was supposed to be a cheerful day out at the market , coffee with friends and then some painting in the afternoon.

But I was ambushed by uncomfortable feelings.

I think I’m nearly back to normal now…….

It might just be something to do with coming out of hibernation and wondering if this life is enough.

I’d like to make a difference.

But other than that today was cold , windy and sunny and I didn’t paint as much as I wanted to.

Painted some colourful hills and mountains.

I’ve decided that ,all being well, I can paint all day tomorrow. There is no point in painting when I think everything I paint is boring. It’s better to wait till the next day and find some meaning and purpose.

As I plan to finish 2 paintings this week….meaning and purpose will need to show up tomorrow morning around 8am.

I took some photos on the way to the market.

There were little bits of sunshine lighting up parts of the valley.
I like this collection of shapes
I think the wires make this a bit more interesting.
The market
Don’t usually like cars ,but this one was cute.

It’s still windy outside and I might need to go out later.

But in the meantime it’s time to turn on the heater and drink a glass of wine.


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