2023 in Pisticci….painting all day…..

Today I began 2 new paintings.

I’ve a sketch and several photos as well as previous paintings to use as reference.

I thought I’d begin with very little drawing and use whatever colours I felt like.

This will be a landscape with calanche and a lot of wild spring flowers.
This is going to be a stylised beach scene

The beach scene is progressing.

I’ve painted a similar scene before. Still a lot to do.

It’s been very windy outside today and by chance I videoed a small branch being blown off the tree at the end of the road. As I don’t know how to include videos on my blog , I posted it on twitter. There is an even bigger branch just hanging on…. .

The wind has died down now. …
And it’s raining.

However it’s cosy inside.

Favourite slouch, legs over the arm of my chair.

These 2 paintings will be my work this week.

But it’s wine time now and I’m pleased with progress so far.


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