2023 in Pisticci….dull day…..

I went off out to buy peanuts. It was dull and to be honest Pisticci looks a bit run down and neglected when the sun isn’t shining.

However I thought that I’d walk home another way and see if I could take some photos.

I love the subtle colours .
The clock has been recently painted.
When shabby is chic and I don’t know what the decorations, which are all the way up the street, are for.
Concerts are held at the bottom of this street and you can sit on the steps and listen.
Nice old wall, decorated with litter.
Liked the shapes
I used to bounce up these steps in the olden days when I went to yoga.

My 2 commissioned paintings are now finished…..except that I haven’t signed them yet. I’m very resistant to signing paintings.

It’s cold this afternoon . One of the advantages of the gas heater is its mobility.

It’s been about 15C inside most of today without lighting the heater.

Now it’s wine time and I might have some chocolate cake to cheer myself up , because of the news from Scotland.

“Dropped out” in Italy sounds like my best idea for the foreseeable future. Could be worse……🤔😀


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