2023 in Pisticci….finally!!!! ……

I worked on and off all day on my beach painting.

Today I wondered if improving the sea might help. So I got on the app again and scribbled a few waves. It looked better……?

At that point I decided to go out and buy wine. And treat myself to a cappuccino as it was my son’s 37th birthday.

While I was there I contemplated buying an Easter egg.  ( that one is being raffled….and way too big for me.)

Back home with 3 bottles of wine and I began to paint waves on the sea. 

Before I watched the video on painting waves.

Quite soon afterwards I thought it might be a good idea to watch a video on how to paint waves.

I found a suitable one. ( short and no jargon.)

I watched a bit, stopped it and then had a try painting my main wave. Then I  checked out the colour of the sea and changed it. After that I kept on going along with the video.

Around this time my new tube of turquoise paint was delivered. 

It was interesting working with the video.

Eventually I thought that I had done enough for today. My main wave looked much better, as did the wave on the beach.

So I went to the supermarket and noticed that  some of the prices are most definitely about 50% more than previously.

Regardless, I bought a chocolate cake… to celebrate  my son’s birthday of course. It was also cheaper than an Easter egg which I briefly considered. 


When I came back into my house the first thing I saw was my painting.

I heard myself say , in a surprised voice, “That’s  lovely!”

What a relief!.

It’s  better in real life and you can almost see the sunshine on the beach. The colour of the sea made a big difference….and my wave.

Now all I have to do is paint the edges and resist trying to improve anything. 

The sun has returned.

Half an hour ago.

Am proud of myself for keeping going until I was finally happy with my painting.

Now it’s wine ….and chocolate cake …time.


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