2023 in Pisticci…..might be a procession….

And I might go and look. Then I would have some photos.

However I don’t know which time it will begin, where it will go…..or even if it is definitely happening.

I went out to see if there was anyone up at the little church near me, but I can’t see anyone so far.

I once accidentally joined the procession. An elderly lady took my arm and didn’t let go. It took 3 hours to go all round Pisticci stopping at every church.

It used to start at the little church near me I suppose, because this is the edge of town.

It’s a nice evening for a procession…….sunny and not too cold.

I painted this a long time ago. It was part of the procession in the piazza San rocco.

Today I finished the background of the portrait I was working on. It also included minimal touching up of the faces. And fixing where I had painted over things by accident. I quite like the effect.

Now I’m trying to decide what to do next. I’m free of commissions so I can do anything I like. I only need to think of something.

I’ve been watching some videos on YouTube and hoping that I’ll think of something.

I even went out and looked at my cannibalised garden chair , but none of what’s left looks useful for making a frame…or anything else.

I’ve put a big canvas on my easel to inspire me. ( not working so far.)

I looked at buying acrylic pens on Amazon. Sometimes a new medium gets me started.

I took some photos of pansies.

Nice, but am bored with flowers.

Just popped out to see if there was anything happening yet…..nope!

The little church from my street.

I am very cosy and comfortable here. I found a new episode of ” Murder in Suburbia ” on youtube. And maybe my 2 latest commissions will be collected tonight.

Don’t know what to do ….

Now I can hear a brass band playing somewhere………

Cheers, whenever 🍷🍷

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  1. I really like this procession painting, never saw it. Love the little lady in the corner looking on.😁

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