2023 in Pisticci….off out to the market…..

I used to go to the market in Marconia most Saturdays in the olden days……

Then no transport and deciding money would be better spent on food and not bus fares and coffee put an end to that.

Today I was offered a lift and it was almost like the old days.

Waiting for a lift and admiring the shadows
Might have to paint this
Gorgeous blue sky
More sunshine and shadows
At the market.

Being at a market usually makes me feel like I’m on holiday. Today with the sun shining and lots of cheerful people about it was fun to wander round and look at the incredible amount of stuff for sale. I bought a pair of scissors for a euro.

Back home I’ve been reading a lot. I found a new Faith Martin book. Last night I gave up on my previous book as I was so annoyed at the completely stupid female detective who was about to get beat up because she wanted all the ” glory” for herself so she didn’t call for back up.

And then I looked at a lot of paintings on youtube as I have the idea that it’s good for me.

After that I went through to the gallery and looked at some of my paintings to see if they inspired me.

This is a big painting I did several years ago. It’s 120x80cms. I like it, but no one has ever asked the price or even commented on it.
This is still the painting that I would keep if I could only have one.

I have this canvas all ready to use. It’s an odd size as I made it for a client who then changed their mind.

Waiting for an idea.

I have an invite for lunch tomorrow so it’s being a very sociable Easter.

Now it’s wine time , another episode of ” Murder in Suburbia ” and a cosy evening in. The ” olden days” were good, but the present is pretty okay too.


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