2023 in Pisticci….painted all day…..

Except for an hour when I had a visit from a friend.

Really I started about 3am this morning when I couldn’t sleep and decided that I would paint a version of the view in the country from where I was yesterday.

I thought that I’d check out if it would make an okay composition.

Used my paintart app to check out the shapes and decided to make a few adjustments.
This was the photo of the view.

I started the actual painting about 9am.

I started work on a canvas I’d undercoated with spare paint and drew from the app .
Filled in all the shapes
Started with the sky
And worked my way down
And down…..
And finally……..

I think I might be finished….and then again maybe not. But I’m happy with my day’s work. It’s not a commission. My main purpose in painting it was to have a painting to remind me of a good day with friends. It fulfills that .

Now it’s wine time and after a long day’s work I will enjoy it even more.

(There was no problem uploading photos today.)


Now. Looks like it might rain.

One comment

  1. I really appreciate the photos on your process. REALLY do. You should teach art classes Anne, with your spare time!!! (that is suppose to be a joke…funny) hugs

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