2023 in Pisticci…a sudden burst of enthusiasm….

Or it could have been that I felt I’d done very little all day…….

I expect the fish fingers helped too. Ever since I discovered that I could cook fish fingers in the microwave in two and a half minutes they’ve become my favourite snack. The cheap ones , presumably with less fish in them are the best. ( and with Mexican Salsa ……..)

However, I jumped up and rushed through into the gallery hoping to see something I could do quickly which would mean I had something to show for today.

I was looking around when I saw a nice little painting which was framed ,but quite un noticeable. It occurred to me that I had spare paint. I could paint the frame and liven it up.

So I did….then I found another 2 which I thought I could brighten up nicely.

They’ve all had one coat of acrylic paint now. Tomorrow I might sand them a bit so they look a bit distressed , or give them another coat of paint . Then I probably should varnish them.

Looks much better with the green coloured frame.
I think I need to change the blue colour on this one.

Other than that today I painted the sides of yesterday’s painting , hung it up…..and remembered to sign it.

My 2 latest commissions were collected and paid for.

Then I went shopping and took photos.

More shadows
I love these doors
Lovely blue sky.

And finally I updated my work diary.

I enjoy keeping this diary. I would lose track of all the work I do otherwise.

Wine time now. Sun is shining still.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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