2023 in Pisticci….it’s  raining…at least my plants are being watered.

I think I must’ve been worried about what to paint today and so I had a very vivid dream about painting a portrait of Nicola Sturgeon . Then I had to wake myself up and read for a while to get my mind clear.  ( I am very disappointed with Scottish politics right now and discouraged at how easy it was for me to think the worst.  I can’t help remembering an ex Russian KGB  agent talking about how easy it was to destabilise a country by filling the news etc with so many lies that eventually people believe nothing any longer. )

Anyways once I had Nicola Sturgeon out of my head it took a while and quite a bit of reading before I came up with an idea.

I’ve never painted a straight on view of my house before as it’s not possible to get far enough back to see it all.

I thought I might quite like that for myself.

Am not sure yet if it was a good idea.

I started with a drawing on my paintart app.

Everything looks possible when I draw like this
Now trying to draw the real thing….involved a lot of going outside and looking.
I’m not very good at proportions
Progress so far…..

And that’s how I’ve spent today. It seemed important to use Sunday to paint something for myself….otherwise how will I ever learn what I want to paint.

Now it’s raining . I’m warm inside. It’s wine time and ” vlog night”.


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