2023 in Pisticci….mostly wildflowers….

I am enjoying having no current commissions. There are several possibles in the future, but I’m waiting for people to contact me. It’s probably good for me to have some space to chose what I would like to do.

I’m a bit surprised that I’m chosing flowers….but they are available and never object if I don’t get them quite right.

So this morning I could have gone up town for a coffee, but I was feeling a bit antisocial so convinced myself that taking a walk up the pink brick road to photograph wild flowers for my next painting would be a better idea.

There are many different flowers just now. The sun was shining . I took lots of photos.

A mixture of wildflowers looking out over the calanche
Love these
The yellow fennel is everywhere this year
Don’t know what this is.

I photographed as many as I could see, then walked along by the castle.

Looking down on dirupo
Looking up towards the castle.

It was after lunch time when I came up with the idea of picking some wildflowers , putting them in a vase and painting them.

There are so many that taking one of each hardly seemed a problem.

And painting them took up most of the afternoon.

Am pleased with this.

It was good to paint from life again, though I had to be quick .

And now it’s Saturday evening. I have plans and wine.


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