2023 in Pisticci….needing to practice painting Fluffy….

And some other things as well. The recent paintings I’ve been working on are all finished to about 80% . It seems to suit me to work that way. I have some particular parts to improve, like Fluffy, and also I want to paint the edges so that they don’t need frames. This way I am not rushing to get something finished when I’m tired…..and maybe a little bored.

Firstly today I set off for the market and found it wasn’t on. Luckily I met friends on the way and we went for a coffee.

On the way to the market, which wasn’t.

Then I cleaned out my freezer compartment and now have some unknown meals ready to eat in the next few days. And a frozen chicken.

And a tub of chocolate spread. What was I thinking , to put chocolate spread in the freezer! ( It actually tastes absolutely fine.)

I’m still working on making affordable meals should I ever have any guests . Not having a table still needs to be sorted. ( though I have one outside…….sudden thought……..I could just bring that one inside and put a tablecloth on it……second thought….it won’t go through the door way……back to planning stage again.

After that I started on the next painting being ” cheered up”.

Getting ready to change things
Work in progress
80% finished.

I’ve one more to do before I start to finish them .

Now I’m sitting listening to the wind and wondering what to wear to go out later. It’s that time of year when I need to take layers off when I go out and put them back on when I come back home.

I think I’ll have a glass of wine and then decide.


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